Experts in the construction of modular steel cells manufactured in Australia and designed to integrate to exact site specifications for maximum security prisons faster and with a lower cost.

Modular Building Systems has partnered with a world leader in modular detention cell systems to deliver CellPOD™. This partnership brings the experience of over 20,000 modular detention cells installed worldwide for over 15 years into the Australian market.


Australian Made
Manufactured in our large facilities located in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA.

Lower Cost and Speed of Construction
CellPOD™ modular steel cells are a lower cost and, being prefinished, will provide overall project efficiency compared to conventional construction methods.

The CellPOD™ is certified for maximum security inmates and has passed the ASTM F2322-03 Test Methods for Physical Assault on Vertical Fixed Barriers for Correctional Facilities. Performance on this test exceeds that of concrete cells exposed to this testing.

Concrete Floors
CellPOD floors are an engineered concrete floor system that incorporates the relevant falls and then finished with slip resistant epoxy flooring or our clients preferred floor finish.

Fire Rated
The cells walls, ceilings and floors are fire rated.

Manufactured to meet Australian correctional standards and can be designed to meet any exact dimensions required.

CellPOD™ modular steel cells arrive to site with fixtures and fittings installed and the wall and ceiling coating delivers a non-porous surface that is sanitary, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Multi Storey and Load Bearing Walls
The CellPOD™ modular steel cells can be built up to 6 stories in height with minimal design changes and can support external wall, roof, wind and seismic loads.

Globally Proven
The patented construction methodology used has been implemented worldwide for over 15 years in approximately 20,000 cells. This makes CellPOD™ a tried, tested and proven solution that will become the preferred construction approach in Australia.

CellPOD Australian Prison ConstructionCellPOD Australian Prison ConstructionCellPOD Australian Prison ConstructionModular Building Systems - Prison Construction


| Largest modular construction company in Australia
| Certified ISO Accreditation for Quality, Environmental and WH&S
| Skilled staff and experienced management team
| A comprehensive catalogue of existing building designs
| In house FrameCAD machines – fast engineered wall and ceiling frames
| In house welding team – vastly reduces programme times

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