Time and Cost Efficiency with Modular Build Classrooms

In Australia, the demand for fast and cost-efficient construction of classrooms is in full swing. Due to the many building issues the education sector is facing, we’re taking a look at the modern solutions available for classrooms.


The Education Sector’s Construction Issues

The education sector is facing many building problems, including:

  1. Large student increases leading to classroom shortages
  2. Space to build additional classrooms
  3. Timeframe to conventional build new schools or extension works
  4. Site disruptions and safety risks to conventionally build extensions in operating schools
  5. Aging older style classrooms


Lack of Modern Classrooms and Increased Demand

This is a chronic situation created by increasing demand, placing serious strain on education budgets to match core needs. Modern classrooms are fundamentally more advanced in design than old-style classrooms and are configured differently to meet the latest educational needs.


Inadequacy and Ongoing Costs of Older Classrooms

The need for replacement of older classrooms is endemic in the education sector at all levels of schooling. The older classrooms, many of which date back to the Baby Boom, are simply inadequate for modern education needs.

They are also imposing an extra, unproductive cost on the education sector in terms of maintenance and upkeep. These funds could be put to better educational uses but are being used to simply keep the old classrooms useable.


Conventional Construction Costs for New Classrooms

Perhaps the most difficult and unavoidable reality facing the education sector in Australia is cost. The cost of construction of classrooms to replace and upgrade schools is prohibitive using conventional construction methods. These costs are often  not viable for already stretched education budgets.


Modular Classrooms – The All-Round Solution

Modular classrooms  offer a real, credible opportunity to fully reverse the many serious problems the education sector faces. Modular classrooms are architect designed, fully scalable and incorporate configurable open plan collaborative learning options for delivering both superior quality classrooms and meeting the needs for modernisation of school facilities.

Modular classrooms are precision-manufactured, delivering superior quality facilities for all types of learning spaces. These classrooms are spacious and configurable to any type of onsite need, design requirement and can be multi-storey.


The Proven Advantages of Modular Classrooms

In comparison to new classroom options, two other factors are critically important: cost values and better construction timeframes. These advantages are well proven by modular classrooms in the Australian education sector.

The proof is unequivocal and highly relevant to modern classroom construction and budget problems. It will be remembered that the Gillard government allocated funds for nationwide construction of new education buildings in 2009. This funding later became controversial for contract issues, major cost overruns, delays in completion and other administrative issues in the public sector. In the private sector, cost management was much more efficient.

Private schools regularly opt for modular classroom construction. Construction was completed on time and on budget.  There were no contract problems, no delays, and no controversy about the use of funds. This construction program delivered significant value to the Private  school sector, providing superior facilities and getting excellent value for budget costs.

The next move for the education sector is clear; modern design and modern methods are the way to better education facilities, lower costs, tighter time frames, and meeting demand.  Don’t be too surprised to see excellent new classrooms being built in your area soon, without the budget dramas.


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