What is Modular School Design?

Everybody knows what a demountable classroom is; they’ve seen so many of them before. Most people don’t realise that modern modular construction technology can deliver high quality, flexible learning spaces.

MBS Photo – St Luke’s Internal

Advanced modular construction cuts costs, but also delivers exceptionally high quality buildings to faster timeframes.

One of the other important factors to be considered here is that the needs of schools are changing dramatically. The days of desks and blackboards are long gone. The need now is for smart buildings, flexible design, and open high quality spaces for learning.

Anyone familiar with the cost issues and practical needs of modern schools won’t need to be told how valuable this type of design and construction is for the capacity strapped education sector. Thanks to modern modular technology, precision engineering and expert design, modular construction is now taking over from conventional construction in this sector for permanent buildings.

Internal view of St Luke's Catholic College Classroom


Modular School Buildings and the Bottom-Line Effect

 If education has been undergoing a major revolution in recent years, so has the demand for purpose-built functional spaces in schools. The main problem, in fact, is that conventional building techniques simply can’t deliver these spaces at viable costs, and fast enough to meet the growing demand.

The education sector is in an unenviable position. It needs more space, high functionality, high-quality construction, and lower costs. Even just upgrading older buildings can be extremely expensive. Not too surprisingly, the people responsible for school construction budgets want better options. They need to get better value for money and cover all the angles regarding new space needs.

This is where permanent modular school buildings have really been taking off. The combination of integrated designs, purpose-built spaces, and exceptional flexibility in design makes all the difference. The Catholic Education Office and many of the more forward-looking private and independent schools haven’t needed much persuasion to go with quality, better cost values and shorter lead time.

It’s fair to say that the modular construction approach delivers far more than just better costs. It also delivers real practical values and environmentally friendlier learning environments. Modular construction also offers much more financially-viable options for school upgrades. In theory, you could design an entire modern school from scratch using modular construction. You can also have it built to your specifications in a fraction of the time required for conventional building.


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