Modular Design Flexibility and Adaptability

Modern construction needs may include a whole range of factors. In some cases, construction may involve creating a whole new building complex with multiple functions, for example. The problem is how to achieve the best design and the most cost-effective solution. Conventional construction and design are cost intensive, slow and often inflexible.

External view of Architectural Design of Wagga hotel

The simple fact is that the demand for functional spaces and quality of the construction is far outstripping the ability of the old “bricks and mortar” approach. Building materials can be expensive, ongoing labour shortages, timeframes can be tight and added degrees of difficulty simply aren’t commercially viable.

The New Approach to Design Flexibility Is Modular Construction

 Modular construction is almost the exact opposite of conventional construction. Modular construction, based on modern methods design, precision engineering and very high quality standards, is pretty much leaving conventional construction for dead.

The modular construction approach is based on a range of fundamentally different parameters.

  • Very high productivity standards
  • Highly adaptable design capabilities
  • Very efficient construction techniques
  • Lower costs across the entire spectrum of new construction needs
  • Faster, more time-efficient construction
  • Very environmentally friendly

It’s not hard to see why so many different sectors are using modular construction as the default construction process. Modern modular construction and design can deliver facilities on site in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction.

External View of Arndell cabin with huge green lawn


Top-Quality Construction  Makes a Big Difference

If it’s hardly surprising that a better bottom line is a major incentive for using modular construction; yet, there is an added, unexpected benefit. Forget the old “prefab tin sheds” of the distant past; modern modular construction buildings deliver better quality, too.

New modular buildings and integrated design can deliver an entire complex of high-quality buildings. Most importantly, this can be done at a fraction of the time and with less site disruption involved in conventional building. Whether you need a laboratory, an aged care home, a mining site, or a school, modular building can do it for you.

In purely business terms, modular construction delivers all the on-site values needed at a lower project cost. The actual quality of the building is better, and the level of design flexibility and scalability is excellent. Whether your project is large or small, modular construction can deliver for you.

Internal View of St Luke's Catholic College Laboratory 


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