CellPOD™ Cells Are the Next Generation for the Corrections Sector

CellPOD™ is a modular, steel prison cell designed for use in the building of modern prisons. This revolutionary design delivers maximum security and lower construction costs, combined with additional benefits in build speed and functionality.

Prison Cell Construction - CellPODs

Correctional Sector Challenges and Cost Sensitivities

CellPOD™ has arrived both in Australia and Internationally on the market at a significant time for the corrections sector. The sector faces an unprecedented demand for facilities.


Older, Inadequate Accommodation

Small-scale correctional facilities are approaching their expiry date and functional limits. The older facilities are faced with a numerous problems. They’re now substandard  compared to new correctional facilities because they require high maintenance and are often not compliant with modern building standards and safety standards for prisoners and prison staff


Cost Factors Impacting the Correctional Sector

Conventional construction is slow and expensive, putting an excessive burden on both private and public correctional construction programs. These costs are straining budgets and limiting the realistic capabilities for the future construction of prisons.

Urgent Demand for Modern Facilities

The demand for both new and upgraded facilities to meet increasing prison populations is growing. Conventional construction methods are comparatively slow as well as costly, and privately run correctional facilities are demanding better options for facility construction in more efficient time frames.



CellPOD™ as the Practical Solution to Sector Needs

CellPOD™ is a much lower cost, superior construction option. The modular steel structures are much lighter than conventional concrete and they can be constructed much more quickly and cost-efficiently. They deliver a fully scalable solution for meeting sector demands in more practical time frames.

CellPOD™ modular cells can be delivered in multi-storey form, up to six storeys high. They are also designed to be fitted with all standard interior amenities. CellPOD™ cells are truly tried and tested having been used  worldwide in detention centres, prison buildings, holding cells and many other applications for over 15 years.



CellPOD™ Analysis

There is no doubt that CellPOD™ is the new generation of best value and best quality cell construction for correctional facilities. CellPOD™ has proven itself as a practical, high-quality solution to the sector’s many pressing cost and functionality problems.

Modular design adds extra values to this already impressive range of assets. The CellPOD™ cells can be  tailored to individual specifications and delivered ready for commissioning anywhere in the world. Modular design allows for excellent adaptability to any space, in any security environment. The CellPOD™ framework of designs is suitable for all types of correctional applications, from high-security facilities to conventional prisons.


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