There are so many reasons why working with MBS gives you an advantage for your next project. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure we’re working towards a common goal. A shared vision allows us to implement clear coordination and communications to realise your project on time and on cost.


MBS can work with you from ‘go’ to ‘woah.’ We have the resources and capacity to act as principal contractor on your project. As soon as your project has the go ahead, we’ll mobilise your team with a single point of contact, dedicated to executing your modular venture.

We’ll manage design, construction, delivery, installation, site works and commissioning. To keep things running smoothly, your Project Manager will issue a weekly report including progress photos and a schedule for the coming week.


We have extensive experience in the Government sector both throughout Australia and Off Shore. MBS have been involved in such projects as Naru Detention Centre, Holsworthy Barracks and Building the Education Revolution.

Our proven capacity to execute sensitive projects means you can rest assured knowing we implement custom confidentiality agreements for all staff and subcontractors and keep project information secure in locked storage.


We prioritise high-level environmental competence. That’s why our buildings generally exceed the BCA Section J Energy Efficiency by greater than 10%. During the design stages, we make sure your project gets confirmation of this same margin of efficiency by an independent Energy Efficiency Consultant.


For over eight years, MBS have been a proud NSW business. By keeping it local, you not only save in time and costs but can rest assured knowing that we’re always accessible. Our service not only covers you before and while you build but also post build with ongoing service and maintenance.

We have over 50 staff and 65 sub-contractors working at our factory in Smithfield, NSW and various sites on the east coast which means that choosing MBS benefits your community.


MBS has strict QA, Environmental and OHS systems and are proud to be accredited in the following management systems:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • AS 4801 OHS Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 OHS Management Systems Requirements


We believe in continual improvement. To make certain we’re always moving forward, we proactively audit our processes and systems. We also partner with WSROC for Adult Apprenticeship schemes as part of our dedication to retraining.

On top of these measures, we employ highly qualified professionals to implement and administer our policies and procedures around training and advancement.


| Largest modular construction company in Sydney
| Certified ISO Accreditation for Quality, Environmental and WH&S
| Skilled staff and experienced management team
| A comprehensive catalogue of existing building designs
| In house FrameCAD machines – fast engineered wall and ceiling frames
| In house welding team – vastly reduces programme times

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Get in touch with us today to start your project. Reach us at sales@mbs.com.au or call us at 1800 217 131.

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